Dr. Shelena Lalji speaks with Dr. Tom O’Bryan-one of the most sought after and respected leaders in the functional health community, and a recognized leader on the impact of gluten and food sensitivities on gut health, autoimmunity and the brain. In 2022, Dr. Tom and I are hoping to co-host a provocative and important workshop with Healthmeans called “Conquering the Brain, Gut, & Hormone Axis”, stay tuned for more information on this! Watch his free docu-series, Betrayal!

Dr. Shelena Lalji interviews Dr. Stuart Nunnally, biological dentist. Dr. Nunnally is board certified in naturopathic medicine and is board certified in integrative biological dental medicine.  They talk about how dentistry impacts systemic health, and how poor dental health can contribute to worsening autoimmune and even neurodegenerative diseases. If you’re near Austin, TX, you can make […]

Dr. Shelena Lalji speaks with Dr. Nalini Chilkov, a leading-edge authority and pioneer in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention, and Immune Enhancement bringing more than 30 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients. Today they talk about creating a body where cancer cannot thrive. Download Dr. Nalini’s free cancer-preventative guide to […]

Today, Dr. Shelena Lalji talks about the art of loving your imperfections, and how learning to embrace your individual self strengthens our mindset and those who surround us. The discussion of mental health is beyond important when talking about imperfections, and Dr. Shel explains the importance of a positive outlook on how we treat ourselves. […]

EP 19 | Key Foods, Nutrients and Lifestyle Shifts To Optimize Immune Function | Sally LaMont, ND, LAc Today, Dr. Shelena Lalji speaks with Dr. Sally LaMont, a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. They talk about the importance of your gut health, discussing the best foods to support it and the products to avoid for optimal […]

Navigating Life is a branch of Get Well with Dr. Shel where I use both my medical expertise and personal experiences to help and prevent you from encountering avoidable health and wellness challenges. This episode is about gratitude, how I found it amidst unprecedented personal struggles, and the practices we can all do to feel […]

Dr. Shelena Lalji speaks with Dr. Anshul Gupta, Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy, and also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine.  Today we will talk about plans for people with Hashimoto’s, to end fatigue, reduce brain fog, and lose weight sustainably. Want to know which supplements and therapies I […]

Dr. Shelena Lalji speaks with nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative women’s health and reproductive health, sometimes called The Pelvic Guru – Dr. Jessica Drummond. Today, we discuss the symptoms of endometriosis, what happens if its left untreated, and treating it using a holistic approach. Buy Jessica’s book, Outsmart Endometriosis. Click […]