Struggling with Hair Loss?



Every year, 35 million men and 21 million women will experience some hair loss by the age of 35. 

Hair loss can be one of the most embarrassing and frustrating health concerns in both men and women.

(In fact, almost 80% of women will experience hair loss by the age of sixty.)

With such startling numbers, it is no wonder that so many people are desperately searching for a solution to stopping their hair loss!


Let’s be honest:

Losing our hair sucks.

So much of our identity, sense of beauty, confidence and even youthfulness is tied up in our gorgeous locks ​and head full of hair… Whether it’s from illness or aging - or just good ol’ stress, our hairline turns out to have a more fragile timeline than we ever dreamed.

The good news? 

We can reverse hair loss and turn back the clock.

YES, you can have thick, gorgeous, healthy hair again, and without costly (and sometimes painful) implants or surgery.

I’m Dr. Shelena Lalji, a physician and functional medicine expert - and when I first created my Get Your Hair Back program, it was because, as an expert MD working in ​both advanced wellness and aesthetic medicine, many of my clients struggled with hair loss, INCLUDING ME!  

So I didn’t just treat them - I started to deep dive and EDUCATE them on how to treat both their hair and their health - to support a beautiful head of hair and body. 

And because that was so successful, my patients and my team begged me to put all of my knowledge into a digital program that anyone, anywhere could do to reverse their struggle with thinning hair or baldness. 

And then … recently, once again this became my own story.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And like the 1 in 3 women and 50% of all men, I became part of the worldwide cancer epidemic.

See the transformation I went through as my hair came back in after battling cancer.

The great news is, a year later, I am cancer FREE.  

But of course, my body went through a LOT to get me here.  

19 Million cancer survivors have been in this moment…

Working to regain their health - and very often their HAIR.

This program is your answer. I know it as a medical doctor.  

And I know it as a patient. 

Whether you’re a survivor like me, or you are just navigating natural aging and want to reclaim your beautiful head of hair, this program is your entrypoint to a standing date with your local hair salon.  

This program breaks down the SCIENCE, the health strategies and the how-to, to give you what you need to have a great healthy head of hair - no matter what you’ve been through.

Let’s start celebrating bad hair days again!

Our Patients are Super Excited!

For years I suffered with hair loss and tried numerous products with limited results. I found Dr. Shel Wellness through another friend and was so happy to discover the amazing products they carry. I started the entire line of Hair Products and I can say my hair has never been better. I am constantly getting compliments that my hair is gorgeous . After years of wearing hats I can now throw away all my hats and let my hair down. I highly recommend you purchase the Hair Bundle for the discount and make sure to grab Deeply Rooted Hair Growth, Beauty Time Capsule and Collagen Plus!! Thank you Dr Shel!!

Angie K.

I started losing my hair in high school and in my mid 30's finally just shaved it all off due to the bare hair spots. Then my coworker told me about Dr. Shel's clinic, not only did they help get my health back on track with balancing my hormones they GOT MY HAIR BACK!! I also did 3 treatments of Hair PRP , along with the hair support products that I am back to visiting my hair stylist on a regular basis. She said my hair is so baby soft and now has been sharing my story with her other clients! Just try it, you will not be disappointed.

John R.

I have been going through hormone balancing at Dr. Shel's office for the past 6 months. After having some tests done they got my health back to where it needed to be. Now we are working on my hair loss due to years of my low thyroid levels. She started me on Hair PRP treatments with a combination of supplements and hair products. My favorite is Deeply Rooted Hair Growth. I absolutely recommend you give them a call and if you are struggling with hair loss get the bundle and my favorite Deeply Rooted!!

Clara V.

I have been taking Collagen Plus , Hair Skin and Nails for 4 months and had some great results but when I added Deeply Rooted Hair Growth and Beauty Time Capsule it took it to another level of strength , shine and length. I am so happy with these results that now I am adding the shampoo and conditioner. Will keep you posted on my Hair Growth Journey"

J. Siller

“I have been taking Hair Skin and Nails, Deeply Rooted Hair Growth and Beauty Time Capsules for the past 6 months which was recommended by my provider Renee Palmer and I want to share my wonderful results. Since I started taking these 3 vitamins I have noticed the texture of my hair is better and stronger. I am not losing hair like before and my nails aren't as brittle .My husband has even commented that my skin is glowing!! Thank you Renee for recommending Dr. Shel's powerhouse hair combo!”

Ysela R.

I was skeptical that these products would give me results that I wanted. But YES they did I love the Shampoo and Conditioner!! Angie at Dr. Shel Wellness was so helpful and explained that the products work together to give optimal results. So I am now using the entire bundle with Hot Oil and Vinegar Rinse, and as an added bonus some extra savings!!

Jace S.

You CAN Get Your Hair Back!





4 Hair Loss Modules

Hair Loss Questionnaire to determine your type of hair loss

MP3 files of each lesson to listening convenience

Downloadable Slides

Downloadable Guides to help you on your journey

2 Bonus Q&A Recordings

This includes the Get Your Hair Back Masterclass, plus a complementary bottle of Deeply Rooted Hair Regrowth at checkout, use the code "GYHBHNSF" to receive your free bottle.



4 Hair Loss Modules

Hair Loss Questionnaire to determine your type of hair loss

MP3 files of each lesson to listening convenience

Downloadable Slides

Downloadable Guides to help you on your journey

2 Bonus Q&A Recordings

This bundle includes the Advanced Hair, Skin, & Nails, B-Complex, Beauty Time Capsule & Deeply Rooted Hair Regrowth supplements.




Hair Regrowth Shampoo

Hair Regrowth Conditioner

Hot Oil Hair Growth Formula

Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser

This bundle includes Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Hair Regrowth Conditioner, Hot Oil Hair Growth Formula, Vinegar Nutritive Rinse Cleanser.

About Dr. Shel

I’m Dr. Shelena Lalji, a physician and functional medicine expert – and when I first created my Get Your Hair Back program, it was because, as an expert MD working in both hormones and aesthetics, many of my clients struggled with hair loss, INCLUDING ME! 

My first bout of hair loss started 17 years ago, after the birth of my youngest child. As a young mother I hardly left the house because of my severe hair loss, and my family suffered because of it. I felt enough was enough, and used my training in traditional and functional medicine to create a treatment protocol to promote hair growth, and saw fabulous results for myself. I then took this into practice, to help thousands going through the exact same thing.

In October 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was one of the toughest times of my life. Not only was my body suffering from chemotherapy and radiation, but so was my mind and self-esteem. I knew cancer had come into my life to teach me resilience, even more gratitude and give me the impetus to create cancer protocols to help millions of other people suffering. I LOST ALL MY HAIR! You can see the beautiful bald pics that we have shared. I got to work and made my personalized hair growth protocol EVEN BETTER. I knew my program had helped so many since my first hair loss journey- and it worked again.

I am proud to announce I am now cancer-free, with a thick head of hair to show for it! Now, I am dedicated to using my training and personal experiences to help you Get Your Hair Back. Let the Journey Begin!

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