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A note from Dr. Shel

The note below is deeply personal to me.  I hope you will take time and read it, and perhaps reply with your thoughts or experiences (or a note of well wishes!). If you are also on a cancer journey, we hope you will make The Dr. Shel Wellness Center your “destination wellness” and let us support you.

The latest on this month's issue:

Special Note from Dr. Shel

My Big Cancer Reveal

You may know that literally 50% of us will be touched by cancer in our lifetime. 50%!

Are you prepared? 

Are you living a lifestyle that supports you to NOT get cancer - or to recover quickly (and thoroughly) if you are one of those who get a cancer diagnosis?

For my entire life, I would have answered YES to those questions.  I worked hard, but practiced good self care. My family and I practice healthy (and delicious) nutrition.  I made sure that we all stayed physically active.  

But life doesn’t stop and ask our permission, right?

By now I think everyone in my community knows that my beloved husband, Dr. Ayeez, ws diagnosed with ALS three years ago.  Working in an area of medicine with so many cutting-edge advances around functional and biological medicine, we did NOT accept the “incurable” part of that diagnosis.

Only God can say someone is incurable. So we began the fight of our lives.  

But those habits… those GOOD habits - like staying active and eating well and practicing self care?  Well, they fell by the wayside.  Of course, right?

I’m the mama bear, and I was busy protecting everyone around me: Ayeez, our children, my mother, and even my employees and patients.  

While it was hard (and still is), I also thrive under pressure… but this took on a new tone.  It was not something that would let up.  Even with the toughest health journeys, usually there is an ebb and flow.  Not with ALS.

So the next diagnosis we got ...was me. CANCER!!

I knew I wasn’t feeling right, I felt it in my gut. I had been more exhausted than usual and had symptoms I just couldn’t explain. One thing I’ve learned over the past three years is to listen to my intuition. In fact, I have become so spiritual in the last 3 years of suffering, that I feel a lot of things and people energetically.

I went in for some tests and imaging and I was  diagnosed with invasive intraductal breast cancer.  Thankfully, we caught it early, before it metastasized. What a gift, right?  To be diagnosed so early.  And to have the knowledge I have, and ACCESS to so many healing modalities…  I see literally EVERYTHING in my life, both good and bad, as a blessing and a lesson. Cancer came into my life to teach me several things … more on that in the next email in this series!

I want to share so many of the things I have employed in my own recovery with everyone in my community.  And this isn’t a one and done journey... 

By 2024 there will be 19 Million cancer survivors, in the U.S. alone, and they are desperately seeking qualified experts to provide long-term recovery AND survivorship strategies.

If you are a cancer survivor I want to help you create your personalized plan for health and longevity.  I want to share so much of what I have available in my wellness center, to give you peace of mind that you are on a REAL road to wellness. 

Cancer care should never end on the last day of chemo, surgery or radiation. Patients don’t just want to survive - they want to truly thrive, as I DO!

CLICK HERE to learn more about some of the healing modalities I personally use and we offer to our cancer patients and survivors at the Dr. Shel Wellness Center - and call us to make an appointment (281-313-7435). You will arrive here on a Monday and work with my team for five days to create a strong foundation that you can continue over time. 

And if you are someone with cancer in their family, I want you to explore the powerful protocols we have here especially for caregivers like me (some of the most advanced in the world), to help YOU stay on track with wellness and self care so you are able to be at your best, no matter what life throws your way. 

Finally, if you or a loved one are also on a cancer journey, I would love to hear your story, and maybe even feature you in a future newsletter or blog or even on video - and anyone sending in their story gets a complimentary copy of my best selling book, “I Am Woman!” just to thank you and support you.  

Thank you.

Dr. Shel

PS: This week I went for my one-year checkup. Stand by for the update - I’ll share the results with everyone next week when I get them. 

PPS: Don’t forget to hit reply and share your story with me.  You are not alone.

We at Dr. Shel Wellness employ a holistic, root cause based approach to identify potential toxic, nutritional, and lifestyle factors.

We believe strongly in the combination of traditional and functional medicine to obtain the best results in your cancer journey. The choice is very personal and individualized and we honor and respect each individual's decisions for their cancer journey.

a. Gut Microbiome Analysis

b. Gut Repair Protocol

c. Reducing Inflammation

a. Sex Hormones Testing and Optimization

i. Sex Hormones Testing and Optimization

b. Thyroid Hormone Optimization


a. Meditation (Be sure to open every email, some great tips coming up!)

b. Neurofeedback

c. Healing of trauma


a. Testing of Cortisol

b. Balancing of Adrenals


a. Sleep Hygiene






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